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After The Text And The Form album release, Federico has been featured and interviewed in italian and foreign medias, such as legendary italian Rockerilla magazine and refined Ecléctica show on Oaxaca-based Mexican public CORTV Radio, amongs others.

Rockerilla (ITA), Feb 2023 issue

“The album does not offer elements of vagueness or escapism, it instead seems to me to demand, in a certain way, to be read: each track an ideogram with its own peculiar character.” | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli

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Puzzle show on Radio Città Aperta (ITA), 13 Feb 2023 

"The path of discovering my own voice and being able to make it reality, particularly in terms of music production, required time." | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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CollettivoIncoscio (ITA), 16 Feb 2023 

"I think one can perceive, in the album, my search for the ultimate sign inside every sound and textual form. As I was sculpting the tracks and their elements, as I was waiting for the essential to emerge, I was driven by the feeling that a narration made of signs was reachable." | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Musica Machina show on Radio Onda Rossa (ITA), 4 Mar 2023 

“Can silence be as magnetic as the occupation, sometimes a bit excessive, of attention and sonic space? That was the kind of investigation I was driven by" | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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Ecléctica show on CORTV Radio (MEX), 16 Mar 2023 

"I was interested in an investingation oround the quality of complexity inside romanticism, with its light and obscurities, with its intensity and silencies" | Federico Madeddu Giuntoli


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