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Federico Madeddu Giuntoli is an italian multidisciplinary artist.


Mostly autodidact, his art is based on groundedness and simplicity, and deals with the complexity of human condition, in a non aggressive yet warm and unfiltered way.


His works, ranging from contemporary art, music, writing and photography, are usually delicate and subtle, but unequivocally tuned into a certain kind of pop communication, however essential and experimental it may be.



The text and the form                        [+ info]


music album

released by FLAU


Nuova gestalt                                      [+ info]



published by Blisterzine & Vuoto Bamboo



(as member of the band DRM)


music album

pubblished by CNI/Margarita

"My form series, n.4", self-portrait, 2022




The type of artist who pursues his own art without being bound by genres or formats in his life.

Ele-King (JAP)


How to translate the fine, deep listening on the fringes of the music back into pop? The Italian Federico Madeddu Giuntoli has some concrete ideas.

Groove Magazin (GER)

His work is clearly attuned with a great deal of soul. […] It wanders through several areas of music and combines the aesthetic essence of these into a homogeneous sound structure full of meditative energy.

Gezeitenstrom - Musikmagazin (GER)


An introspective universe, that is what Madeddu Giuntoli meticulously creates, a territory that splips away from space-time bonds and instead unrestrainedly reverberates deep feelings, delivering them with astonishing immediacy.

Triste Sunset (ITA)


Madeddu Giuntoli’s full spectrum approach, between early 2000s european indietronica and the dreamy Japanese glitch-pop impressionism​

Music Won’t Save You (ITA)


Federico’s music is meditative and crystalline.​

The New Noise (ITA)

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Born in Pisa (Italy) in 1974 and raised in a conventional mid class italian family, Federico Madeddu Giuntoli did not receive any specific artistic education, apart from a vague influence from his father’s deep enthusiasm for cinema. Federico cultivated his interest for music by playing in local bands, while going through university studies which would ultimately lead him to a Phd in Neuroscience. He then abandoned the scientific carrier in disaffection with intensive vivisection practices and overspecialization, and in 2003 published his first album “Haiku” (CNI/Margarita) as member of italian electronic band DRM. The album, in which featured iconic german trio To Rococo Rot and italian duo Retina.it, was acclaimed by national press as an innovative prototype bridging intimist italian pop to the international electronic scene. 


As the band soon split up, Federico moved to Barcelona where he lived for several years. The stay resulted a key period, as Federico approached meditation and yogic spiritual practices which led him to renew, and in particular to refound, his focus on music and art. This breakthrough and expansive stage is well represented in Federico’s first photobook “Nuova gestalt” (a collection of short texts and meditative photographs taken in Seoul, Barcelona, Rome and tuscan countryside, and published by italian refined publisher Blisterzine in 2015), as well as in abundant production of so-called “oggetti sensibili” (“sensitive objects”), enigmatic and evocative pieces of art based on the assembling of fragments, debries and dismissed materials.


In 2022, after almost a decade of discontinuous process of production, Federico’s first solo album “The text and the form”, featuring legendary german e-poetess Antye Greie aka AGF and sophisticated japanese artist Moskitoo, has been finally released by worldwide appreciated japanese label FLAU.  

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