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21th Nov 22

"Text and the form" is ALBUM OF THE WEEK on Music Won't Save You (ITA). Read review here!




14th Nov 22

Album review by Gezeitenstrom - Musikmagazin (GER). Read review here!




11th Nov 22

OUT second single "Text and the form" feat. MoskitooBuy/stream here!




10th Nov 22

Video of "Text and the form" feat. Moskitoo is premeried by Foxy Digitalis (USA). Watch premiere here! 




28th Oct 22

OUT first single "You are" feat. AGF. Buy/stream here!




28th Oct 22 / 3pm (Rome time)

Federico is guest of FLAU and Honk Kong Community Radio with an exclusive mix!

Listen here!

“My form series #6”, self-portrait, 2022



Watch the video of "You are" feat. AGF, first single of the forthcoming album "The text and the form", to be released by FLAU on 25th November 2022. 


Informally shot with an iPhone 6S by Federico, it represents a lo-fi yet resonant journey into transitory and ordinary daily views.


The video was VIDEO OF THE WEEK on prestigiuos Music Won't Save You blog.  




"I refer to these works as oggetti sensibili (sensitive objects), for I perceive in them that kind of vibration peculiar to a sensitive beingI can be sure a new sensitive object is arisen as it starts emanating that specific and intrisic sense of presence, vulnerability, dynamism, meaningfulness.​"


Federico's production of delicate and deep pieces of art is abundant, multiform and varied in dimension, representing an ongoing process of expression through matter, by means of selecting and assembling rough and dismissed materials. 


Click on photo and watch the collection!

“The Soul coincides with its own truth well before any word is even conceived” / 2021 / 150x54x10 cm / plastic, metal​






Have a look to "Nuova gestalt", Federico's first photobook pubblished by blisterzine and Vuoto Bamboo. In Federico's words, "​Nuova gestalt means new way of perception, new vision. The work represents a sort of documentation of a first and decisive impulse towards self-realization".

Debut solo album "The text and the form", featuring Antye Greie aka AGF and Moskitoo, to be released by Japanese label FLAU on 25th November


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